MI-INTER MIL helicopters OEM Service Provider

sales, marketing, maintenance, upgrade



MI-INTER was established in 1992 as a commercial arm of the "Moscow MIL Design Bureau" starting off with six used 1972-1976 model MI-8 transport helicopters, which were fully overhauled upgraded, re-equipped and exported.


Since that time MI-INTER has become a Russian leader in export, servicing and parts support of MI civil helicopters abroad, exporting more than 40 reconditioned helicopters, and supplying more then 7000 designations (half a million items) of spare parts, units, components and auxiliary equipment.


In conjunction with the 'Moscow MIL Helicopter Plant' experts at MI-INTER have performed unique works of reconditioning, specialty modifications and upgrade on helicopters for many customers and various end-users, including political leaders, businessmen, civil operators, and public authorities.  MI helicopters have worldwide recognition, an excellent reputation and an extensive customer and operator base.   Amongst our partners are companies and agencies in Bulgaria, Poland, Mexico, New Zealand, numerous countries of Asia and Africa, and notably Aircraft Repair Works in Slovakia, Croatia and Czech Republic.





The company develops and maintains high value relationships with, suppliers, customers and end-users.  We have close relations with spare parts suppliers and manufacturers of component spares and auxiliary parts for helicopters including;

  • Klimov Plant, St Petersburg

  • Moscow Machinery Plant

  • VPERED Aviation Plant, Ulan-Ude

  • Krasni Oktyabr Plant, St Petersburg

  • Yaroslavl Tyre Plant


And although these companies may not be household names in some countries, they produce top class reliable, technically advanced and robust equipment and spare parts for all our machines. 


For many years we have been taking part in the international helicopter exhibitions around the world allowing our staff to further hone the technical experiences supporting our customer base, and allowing MI-INTER to remain at the forefront of international developments. Our group of highly educated, technically advanced, and experienced professionals and technicians have extensive experience in working in foreign environments and cultural settings and our service teams are always ready to travel and work on site in a customer's country. 


Great attention is given to servicing the needs of our customers, with online ordering and email communications available at all times, in addition to our sales and service teams.  We are dedicated and committed to providing quality service for fulfilling most complicated orders on time and on budget and gained unblemished reputation as the OEM official Service Provider for MI-type civil helicopter maintenance, upgrade and spare part supply.




Our Activities and projects include

  • Export of spare parts, units, components and equipment for civil MI helicopters, in operation throughout the world;

  • Delivery of ground operation equipment;

  • Engineering and technical assistance for MI - type civil helicopters;

  • Standard operational life extension works;

  • Repair works for restoration of MI - type civil helicopter components, units, parts, including engines;

  • Purchase, reconditioning, installation of auxiliary equipment, and refurbishment of used MI-type helicopters;

  • Sales and Export of reconditioned MI-type civil helicopters 


International Business Development Unit:

2, Souvorov Sq. 129110 Moscow, Russia

tel:  + 7 095 109-21-01 e-mail: minter@narod.ru



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